I would like to dedicate this page to all those amazingly brave people who have inspired me along the way to set up this ‘cancer healing blog site‘ and go on this wonderful journey of discovery and never ending learning.  I made a bold statement to a friend around 18 months ago now, saying ‘I know the answers are out there, I just have to find them‘, referring to combating cancer that is, and since then so much information and so many awe inspiring people have come my way.

Once I had made this statement the first thing to happen was the discovery of Ty Bollinger and ‘The Truth About Cancer’ crusade which is where this journey really began for me, just over 12 months ago now. I watched all the ‘Quest for the Cures’ documentaries and signed up for regular updates which started me on my own quest to understand this dreaded disease and try and ‘join some of the dots‘.

Then there were a number of people I either knew or heard about that had passed away of cancer, many with young children, which was devastating for their beloved families and friends.  I just kept hearing of more and more people newly diagnosed with cancer and who were only offered the three conventional treatment options being surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  Yet people were still suffering the awful side effects of these Orthodox treatment methods for many years to come. This made me even more determined to try and do more, but I had no clue of what ‘MORE’ was at that stage!!

Further inspiration was when I came across some of the pioneers of ‘cancer research and treatment‘, which further inspired me as I suddenly realized that ‘some of the answers‘ appeared to have been already discovered in years gone by, which intrigued me even more. I am talking about pioneers in the medical field such as Dr. Otto Warburg, Dr. William Donald Kelley, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. John Beard, most from the early 1900’s, who all dedicated their life’s work to improving outcomes for their patients diagnosed with cancer.  There are many more pioneers of course but these doctors certainly stand out for me!!

I then heard about some free on-line courses ran through the Universities in the UK, so I immediately checked them out and signed up for ‘every course relating to cancer’ over a six months period. These short courses were a great way to gain a better understanding of new horizons in cancer research and gain a more in-depth understanding of drug therapies and how they work. This new insight however, only caused me a great deal of angst and disappointment, as there didn’t seem to be any new treatments which were accessible any time soon or even affordable to anyone really, when these new treatments did finally emerge.  This only spurred me on even further on my quest to find more answers!!

I was further motivated due to the fact that in ‘over 50 years‘ researchers have still not worked out how to reverse or heal cancer, so with this in mind one must come to the conclusion that research today may have somehow deviated from the brief of  ‘combating cancer’.  As I have mentioned in one of my blogs, it appears to me that a vast amount of research is now focused on developing new expensive drugs and treatments which are ultimately out of reach for many sufferers due to the high price tags they command.

I guess this means that we can’t really wait any longer and we need to start taking matters into our own hands!!  A very wise man once said, ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food‘, Hippocrates, another great medical pioneer with a great philosophy on health and healing!!

I have discovered many things on my journey so far and one of the facts that I have learnt is that, for every person diagnosed with cancer the most important thing is to ‘get to the root cause‘.  Then and only then can we truly go about fixing the problem so that cancer retreats and never returns.  I have learnt that it is all about balance in so many different ways, if one part of our body is out of balance it throws the rest out of balance also!! The old saying, ‘Enjoy Everything in Moderation’ I believe is also key!!

There is now so much more information available with the internet, but with lots of information comes lots more confusion.  I too was at first baffled with all the ‘smoke and mirrors‘ type scenario in everything I read, knowing what to believe and what not to believe, but since then everything is now starting to make more sense as some of the pieces of the puzzle are beginning to fall into place.

Researching and writing these cancer healing blogs has certainly helped me to be able to develop a ‘cancer wellness plan‘ should I ever need one and I sincerely hope that these ‘short concise blogs’ also help you decipher what is important to you, so that you too can feel empowered on your journey to good health!!

Knowing now that the answers are ‘most definitely‘ out there, I have always felt that it was and still is about somehow ‘linking all the information together‘ in the quest of finding ‘natural solutions‘ to combat this ‘devastating disease’!

This is what I hope this blog site will one day achieve, as we go down this track together, by compiling lots of information in one place, I can only hope that there may just be that ‘Ah, Ah’ moment and all will be revealed as we turn the corner with ‘cancer no more‘!!

Best of luck on your journey and I do hope to continue to ‘keep you posted’, as you too are a massive part of my inspiration to continue ‘blogging’ on this subject, as without my cancer healing blog site’s dedicated ‘readers and followers’, I certainly wouldn’t have the same motivation, purpose or need to get this information out there!!  🙂

Just to finish off, here is an inspirational quote which I feel’s sums everything all up:

“If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, take one look in the mirror”.

Posted 23/11/16 – Author: D. Blanch