Along-side a cancer diagnosis, comes many things we need to deal with including mustering up all the energy we can muster to do everything in our power to help us beat this dreaded disease.  Along this journey we all have a choice to make around which track we wish to go down, whether this be to solely rely on ‘the conventional three’, being surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, or choose to map out our own destiny by enlisting the help of proven integrative therapeutic protocols or decide on a combination of both.

‘About 40 studies have shown that people who eat vitamin C-rich diets have a lower incidence of cancer’

As a potent therapeutic, Vitamin ‘C’ has previously been shown to be effective as a non-toxic anti-cancer agent in studies by Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, with the actual mechanism still not fully understood.  We do know that the molecular shape of Vitamin ‘C’ is remarkably similar to glucose, therefore cancer cells will actively transport Vitamin ‘C’ into themselves, possibly because they mistake it for glucose.  By this means, Vitamin ‘C’ accumulates in cancer cells causing a pro-oxidant effect, upsetting the intracellular balance, ‘until it eventually ‘lyses’ the cancer cell from the inside out‘.

Thanks once again to a group of dedicated scientists at the University of Salford in the UK, for their work in proving ‘Vitamin ‘C’ actively targets ‘cancer stem cells’. The Salford team set out to assess the bioenergetics of cancer stem cells – the processes which allow the cells to live and thrive – with a view to disrupting their metabolism.  This study highlights:

VITAMIN ‘C’ is up to ten times more effective at stopping cancer cell growth than pharmaceuticals such as an experimental drug 2-DG”

With all this information in hand, surely now ‘Vitamin C‘ can no longer be relegated to the side lines but instead made readily available to all cancer patients in all clinical settings, due to Vitamin C’s impressive evidence based healing ability.  It is a well established fact that cancer stem cells are at the core of the cancer continuum, so we now know how imperative it is to target these ‘mother cells’ in order to keep this ‘parasitic-like disease’ at bay once and for all.

In summary, one thing that most everyone agrees upon is that if you’re going to treat cancer, you can’t rely upon one modality alone!!  It has been shown time and time again that everything works so much better in synergy, with research defining the fact that combination therapies lead to improved outcomes!!

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