The recent discovery of ‘cancer stem cells‘ has scientists looking at a whole new approach to preventing and treating cancer.  There are many dietary components which have the ability to control cancer stem cells which otherwise are uncontrollable.  Research has shown that it is necessary to shut down signaling pathways which stimulate the pro-survival mechanisms of cancer stem cells in order to live ‘a cancer free life’.

Fortunately, cancer stem cells are affected by phytochemicals or the nutrients in our diets.  Berberine has very impressive health benefits and is one of the few supplements shown to be as effective as a pharmaceutical drug Metformin to significantly reducing blood sugar levels.  Berberine has had a lot of attention in the scientific community of late and has now been tested in hundreds of different studies showing it’s ability to have powerful effects on many different biological systems.

“Berberine is actually patented in the US as a targeted cancer stem cell therapy”

This is straight from the patent citation: “In the present invention, the aforesaid pharmaceutical composition and the use of the berberine compound in the manufacture of a medicament for the inhibition of cancer stem cell growth and carcinoma metastasis can pass through a bottleneck of a conventional treatment that is not able to efficiently inhibit cancer stem cells.”

Berberine has been shown to fight harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, it also been shown to have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, with other studies having shown it to reduce the growth and spread of various types of cancer.

If ‘Berberine’ truly can serve the same purpose as Metformin, which ‘reduces the liver’s ability to produce glucose for release into the bloodstream‘, then surely by cutting off glucose, (one of the main fuel sources enlisted by cancerous cells for them to thrive), then it really does appear that Berberine could be a powerful weapon in the fight against cancer.





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