Science has shown for a number of decades that grapefruit and grapefruit juice can markedly increase the oral bio-availability of many medications, including some chemotherapeutic drugs.  This mechanism works by grapefruit blocking the activity of an enzyme in the intestine that is involved in the metabolism of certain medications. Because these medications can’t be broken down easily in these circumstances, blood levels may rise and become toxic, unless the dosage is reduced accordingly. 

The number of drugs that can be risky when taken with grapefruit is on the rise, largely due to the influx of new medications, therefore perhaps a novel approach is needed to set up a new realm of thinking!!??  Science is showing that certain medications can be decreased in dose, which therefore means toxicity, by adding grapefruit instead to enhance potency.

Further research is most definitely needed in this area to test this ‘potential new paradigm’, especially relating to chemotherapy regimes, whereas much lower dosages could possibly be prescribed to reduce toxic load for the patient, simply with the addition of this powerful fruit.

“Patients drinking grapefruit juice needed only about a third as much sirolimus to achieve optimal cancer-fighting levels of the drug”

Grapefruit juice is known to prevent enzymes in the intestine that break down certain drugs, meaning more can enter the blood stream and reach cancerous cells, with less damaging side-effects to surrounding tissue.



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