Most people may be aware that cancer cells require large amounts of glucose to grow and divide, much more than normal cells, with lactic acid being a by-product of this fermentation process. As glucose is used for energy, the cancer cells then dump this lactic acid by-product back into the bloodstream before the liver converts it back into glucose.  This is known as the lactic acid cycle, being an important energy source for tumorous cells and therefore cancer growth.

‘Lactic Acid Found To Fuel Tumors’

Fermentation is a natural metabolic process that converts carbohydrates into acid or alcohol and gas. Under anaerobic (oxygen starved) conditions, the fermentation of foods occurs using yeast, bacteria, or a combination of the two. It not only occurs in yeast and bacteria, but also in oxygen-starved muscle cells, by way of lactic acid fermentation. Due to lactic acid build up being the cause of much pain and suffering for cancer patients, mostly due to high lactic acid levels in the bloodstream, there is a greater need to break this ‘cancer-fueling cycle‘.

Johannes Kuhl was a German physician, initially specializing in tropical diseases in the late 1930s and, most notably, from post-WWII until his death in 1968, an intensive cancer researcher with a hematological focus.  Dr. Kuhl viewed cancer as a disease primarily caused by toxic levels of lactic acid building up in the body’s cells stimulating the cells into rapid, unrestrained reproduction.

Dr J Kuhl, used a diet high in lactic acid fermented foods, consisting of yogurt and a number of other fermented foods, like sauerkraut juice, or kefir, with good results.  Dr. Kuhl’s work has enjoyed a resurgence, along with that of the dietitians and physicians who used his studies as a platform for dietary cancer treatments. The reappearance of kefir, a creamy, fermented (termed “cultured”) enzyme-and-lactic-acid-rich ephervesent beverage, is now firmly on the culinary radar of the health conscious, who are fully aware of the many diverse health benefits it has to offer.

The Kuhl-based dietary regimen is now a ‘fundamental alternative therapy for cancer patients’, especially those of whom chemotherapy and radiology are not used or in the case either of these treatment options are not effective.


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