With hydrogen being the “most abundant molecule in the universe,” as well as being the smallest element on the planet, this allows it to pass easily through cell membranes in the body, “enter and exit the mitochondria of a cell“, to target the root cause of disease.  Hydrogen positively impacts ATP production in compromised mitochondria systems – meaning more energy!

‘Drinking hydrogen water shows many increased health benefits including improved energy through improved ATP production while increased glycogen stores help decrease fatigue and muscle damage’

Hydrogen is found in every living thing on Earth, is known to be a powerful antioxidant, is naturally produced by intestinal flora upon digestion of fibers as well as having the ability to reduce inflammation.  With water being H2O; two hydrogen atoms for each oxygen atom, studies show hydrogen rich water to have many health benefits for a number of conditions that are related to oxidative stress, such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and even the side effects of cancer treatment.

‘Studies not only suggest the therapeutic action of molecular hydrogen, but also demonstrate its high safety profile’

According to John Biethan, an expert at the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine and advocate of hydrogen-rich water, molecular hydrogen has become such a potent health warrior because of its role in “cell signaling.” In layman’s terms, Biethan says this means that the hydrogen “tells the cells in the body what to do to allow the body to heal itself.” The result, he says, is a reduction in overall disease.

Further studies show hydrogen therapy to improve a person’s ‘quality of life‘ when undergoing Radiation Therapy by reducing many adverse side effects from this treatment

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