There are many factors in cancer development as we know, but what if we could ‘switch off cancer growth naturally’, without harm to healthy cells??  This extremely simplistic approach seems to have somehow got ‘lost in translation‘ with a vast amount of research showing that ‘excessive protein intake alone’ plays a huge part in cancer growth.

Most individuals are surprised to learn that ‘adult protein needs are actually much less than what people have been consuming’.  While we do need protein in our diet, perhaps we don’t need so much as we might think, specifically animal derived proteins, due to the fact that it has been shown in numerous studies: ‘ANIMAL PROTEIN MAKE CANCERS GROW’.

The China Study, a book by Dr. Colin Campbell covering 30 years of human studies with well over a million patients, showed ‘undeniable evidence‘ that human diets high in animal proteins were unequivocally correlated with the incidence of cancer.

Intake of protein rich in ‘essential amino acids’ was positively associated with serum IGF-1′

Campbell and his team were able to show that ‘higher protein diets decreased Natural Killer Cell activity, increased cell replication, increased oxygen radicals, increased IGF-2, and an altered calorie use’.

“Its Surplus Animal Protein That Cancer Thrives On”

A study of meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans revealed no variance in IGF-1 levels between those who consumed a lot of protein and those who ate a little (i.e. when they looked at the amount of protein alone).   However, when they compared the ‘source of the protein’ (i.e. whether it was animal- or plant-based), they observed a clear difference.

When protein was animal-based, a higher IGF-1 level was detected, was shown to encourage cancerous cell growth. On the other hand, when plant protein was consumed, the exact opposite happened—levels of IGF-1 decreased, thus discouraging the development of cancer cells.







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