‘Scientists find that amino acids power growth in cancer cells’

It is a tragedy that there has yet to be a single, high-quality clinical (human) trial conducted to investigate a very promising anticancer phenomenon that researchers have known about since 1959.  It was discovered that if you try to grow cancer cells in a medium with little-to-no ‘methionine (an essential amino acid), often the cells would stop growing, dividing and they would undergo apoptosis (“cell suicide”.)

 ‘The vast majority of malignant cells experience methionine dependence’

Novel treatment strategies for metastatic cancer are desperately needed. Fortunately, advances in molecular biology in recent years have led to the discovery of several promising targets for cancer treatment with ‘dietary amino acid restriction’ being one such strategy.  It has been shown that the majority of cancer cells have a unique metabolic requirement for ‘methionine’ in particular, that is not observed in normal, non-tumorous cells’, with fish and animal products having the highest content of this particular amino acid.

‘Cellular amino acid contents appear to be essential for tumor growth’

Researchers have at last discovered that ‘the largest source of the fuel that cancer cells use to proliferate is amino acids’, which make up protein.  With this new insight in hand, surely now, it is only a matter of time before every person can benefit from a prescribed ‘personalize dietary approach‘ by the integration of such anti-cancer treatment protocols.






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