‘With an intact immune system there is no room for cancer!!’

Our immune system is known to be our ‘first line of defense‘ against disease!!  As with most cancer types and other chronic conditions, which aren’t autoimmune in nature, there is a need to up-regulate the immune system and prime it for battle.  There are many natural ways this can be done, especially with a greater understanding of what suppresses and what boosts our immune system in the first place.

What we do know is that around 80% of our immune system is generated via the mucosal lining of the intestinal tract and that good nutrition is imperative to fuel our immune system and give it the fire power it needs to mobilize a powerful response.  Our immune system is also made up of white blood cells called Neutrophils, which are 50-70% of our immune army, consisting of Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophils, which together create an immune response.

“An inadequate or deficient micro-nutrient status negatively influences the body’s defenses!!”

There are many reactions which take place within the body which diminish or impair our immune system, therefore knowing what these may be will help us keep our immune system healthy and primed for action.  Both our physical and emotional well-being has a great deal of effect on our immune response, as well as our diet.

As we well know, stress or the ‘cortisol effect‘ is one major factor dampening our immune health. It is widely recognized that many of today’s illnesses and diseases are ‘triggered by chronic stress’, which depresses the immune system and wreaks havoc on every organ in the body!!

Boosting our immune system may not be as difficult as we may imagine, but you are in the driving seat and there are ‘many natural immune boosting protocols’ which can easily be adopted and implemented into our daily routine, to better enable our ‘innate immunity‘ to fight the fight against pathogens, damaged cells and even cancer.,%20multi,%202007.pdf



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