As surgery is one of the three main ‘conventional medical interventions’ to eradicate cancerous tumors, there is a greater need to raise awareness around multi-drug resistant’ Super Bugs’ and the damaging effects of contracting one of thesepenicillin-resistant bacteria‘, which is a risk associated with any stay in hospital.  Although MRSA refers to a specific Superbug—Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus—the acronym has come to be used for any infection ‘resistant to all known orthodox antibiotics’.

“Berberis vulgaris (barberry) and Hydrastis canadensis (goldenseal) have been shown to defeat MRSA and other super bugs, negating the use of antibiotic therapy”

John M. Grange, author of Mycobacterial Diseases (Edward Arnold, 1980) and their colleagues published two relevant studies clearly demonstrating that 73 homeopathic mother tinctures have the ability to prevent or inhibit infection by 20 different strains of microbial organisms, including MRSA.

Dr Harald Gaier, a Naturopath in London, declares his ‘favourite superherb Berberine‘, can cure all manner of conditions, including ‘superbug infections‘, as he discovered two all-purpose natural antibiotics, which he says “are among the greater super-herbs in my arsenal”, curing his own drug-resistant super bug, when he himself contracted MRSA whilst in hospital.

“Berberine has long shown selective antimicrobial activity against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and protozoa”

The immune-response effects of Berberine means that it can also activate macrophages—immune-system white blood cells that ingest foreign bodies and infectious pathogens. Since it also has an ability to ‘inhibit tumor cell formation‘, this suggests that Berberine may also have anticancer activity.

“Berberine is a potent oral hypoglycemic agent with modest effect on lipid metabolism”

Among its many amazing actions, Berberine can lower blood sugar levels without the need for the standard drug ‘Metformin‘ and interestingly enough, as an unexpected side-effect, it has been found that diabetics who regularly take Metformin have a much lower incidence of cancer.

If ‘Berberine’ truly can serve the same purpose as Metformin, which ‘reduces the liver’s ability to produce glucose for release into the bloodstream‘, by cutting off one of the main food sources for cancerous cells to thrive, surely then, would it not be prudent to explore and extrapolate ‘Berberine’s’ untold values, especially in the fight against cancer!!??

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