“Sometimes the simplest natural cures are the most effective!!”

Before the Great War, the late Dr. Forbes Ross drew attention to the value of Molasses in connection with Cancer.  Dr. Ross pointed out that workers on sugar-cane plantations, who were constantly sucking the crude sugar, seldom, if ever were known to suffer from that dread disease.  This he attributed to the large percentage of potassium salts in unrefined sugar-cane: his contention being that the cause of cancer was a deficiency of potash in the human cells and blood.  Several eminent physicians of various schools have since come to uphold his views.

“Blackstrap molasses, its most concentrated form, was used for the therapy of a variety of diseases, including cancer”

The fact is molasses — particularly ‘blackstrap molasses‘ — is a nutrient dense food which has a long and popular history as a natural cure for many ailments.  Far more than just a simply sugar, molasses is full of minerals and a few other nutrients, the combination of which has proven effective at combating both acute and chronic ailments, including arthritis, high blood pressure, pernicious anaemia and even chronic skin conditions.  Molasses-therapy has been a traditional treatment option used by holistic practitioners for cancer sufferers in years gone by, as part of a nutritional plan in a quest to reverse systemic deficiencies.

“Blackstrap molasses is rich in a variety of essential minerals including iron, zinc, selenium, magnesium and potassium as well as the majority of the vitamin B complex, deficiencies of which confer a major cancer risk”

There has been very little scientific research carried out to date relating to the many health benefits of Molasses but there is lots of anecdotal evidence as to the power of this ‘wonder food‘, used by our fore bearers as a treatment for many ailments.  One book, first published in 1949 by Cyril Scott, ‘Crude Black Molasses’, highlights the many health benefits of this highly nutritious food.  Cyril Scott’s book relays, that according to “The Biochemic System of Medicine, the majority of diseases that are curable at all, are simply due to a deficiency of certain of the mineral salts” and as Molasses is especially rich in potassium salts, calcium, magnesium and iron, it has been referred to as the ‘perfect food‘ for both prevention and healing.

“Molasses also contains high concentrations amino acids and linoleic acid, an essential lipid that has a documented anti-tumor effect!!”

Ref. Book: ‘Crude Black Molasses – A Natural Wonder Food’ by Cyril Scott, Edition 1966






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