‘Sweet Wormwood Targets Cancer Cells Through Multiple Pathways’

“Sweet Wormwood Targets Cancer Cells Through Multiple Pathways”

There are literally dozens of naturally-occurring substances that conventionally-trained doctors continue to ignore which can not only target and destroy cancer cells, but leave healthy cells virtually untouched.

‘Traditional Chinese Medicine has yielded a promising new approach for treating cancer’

Researchers at the University of Washington have discovered that a special super-concentrated compound of ‘sweet wormwood and iron can be over a thousand times more effective than chemo’ at targeting cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.  The researchers discovered that the herb by itself can cause 28% reduction in breast cancer cells, but when it was combined with iron, it can eliminate up to 98% of the cancer cells.  


Developed by bio-engineering professor Henry Lai, PhD, ‘Wormwood and Iron’ together is said to act as a “Trojan Horse,” creating a literal “Time Bomb” for cancer cells.  The compound is founded on the fact that cancer cells are not as successful as healthy cells in disposing of free-floating iron molecules.  This weakness causes the presence of iron in general to create a stressful environment for these unruly cancerous cells.

‘Artemisinin triggers the death of unhealthy cells through apoptosis’

With the knowledge of a high accumulation of iron in cancer cells, it was discovered that iron-hungry cancer cells typically have significantly more transferrin receptors on the surface of the cell and therefore attract more iron.   Lai and his team used naturally-occurring ‘holotransferrin‘, which carries iron into cells, as a way to transfer high doses of Artemisinin, into breast and prostate cancer cells.  Lai says, Artemisinin isn’t new, Chinese folk practitioners extracted it from the plant Artemisia annua L. commonly known as Wormwood, thousands of years ago for use in the treatment of malaria.

  ‘Cancers resistant to common chemotherapy drugs showed no resistance to artemisinin’

 There is clear research that ‘Artemisinin‘ kills cancer cells on its own and ‘especially when bound to iron’.  ‘Cancer cells love iron’, therefore these cells readily ingest the ‘Iron-Artemisinin mix‘, thereby ‘exploiting cancer cells proven weakness’.

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