“High cortisol levels and chronic stress can affect every physiological and psychological system in the body”

Chronic stress is a modern day problem and epidemic that afflicts many individuals and results in chronic inflammation, abnormal immune responses, and a slow metabolism. Side effects of chronically elevated cortisol can lead toadrenal fatigue‘ and chronic illness including cancer.

High concentrations of stress hormones serve as a catalyst for an ‘abnormal immune response’.  Balanced cortisol levels improve your ability to have better memory and mental clarity and it has been shown that by maintaining balanced cortisol you feel less anxious, less agitated, and better able to live a higher quality of life.

‘Taking control of your chronic stress is critical for overall health’

The great news is, that by taking your health into your own hands, ‘adaptogenic herbs‘ could be the answer you have been looking for, to help reduce chronic stress and support adrenal health.

“Adaptogenic herbs have been around for thousands of years and have been used to help the body restore a natural balance and help the body combat the negative effects of stress.  Modern research has now confirmed that specific adaptogens can help the body fight the harmful biochemical and emotional effects of stress.  The result is improved mood, greater energy, reduced incidence of chronic disease, and increased longevity”.

‘The way you think, move and eat will play a significant role in your ability to thrive under stress’








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