‘Every second of our life, our cells are bombarded by particles called free radicals!!’

A vast amount of research is currently underway, focusing on the potential role of antioxidants in preventing and repairing damage caused by ‘oxidative stress‘, thus being defined as a shift in the balance between oxidants and antioxidants.

It has been shown that one of the causes of cancer is excessive ‘free radical damage’ in our cells that harms our DNA and results in some cells mutating into cancerous cells.  Every chemical and toxin in the body causes free radical damage, with carcinogenic toxins causing even more damage.  Combined with high acidity and low oxygenation, we then have a prescription for cancer!!

‘Oxidative damage to DNA can cause mutations; and mutations are known to cause cancer!!’

Oxidative stress’, is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects. ‘Oxidization is a harmful process, weakening and breaking down of the body‘,  just as can be seen when rust eats away metal. This process can release harmful by-products into the body which can cause, speed up or increase the development of some cancers.  

To neutralize these damaging effects of ‘oxidative stress‘, the body needs a reservoir of ‘Antioxidants’, which help stabilize free radicals, repair damaged cells and eliminate harmful by-products, thereby promoting good health, boosting immunity and ultimately keeping disease at bay.





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