‘Cancer. It’s a disease that exists simply to create chaos and destroy anything that crosses its path — biologically, mentally, physically and spiritually’

Some say that cancer is a mere ‘symptom’ of a deeper underlying imbalance and unless we establish and fix the basis of this imbalance then we are only treating the symptom and not the cause.  This imbalance can manifest for very diverse reasons, can accumulate in many different parts of the body and symptomatically display themselves in many different ways, including chronic illness, disease and even cancer.

The concept of treating the whole person derives from an understanding that only treating the physical aspects of an individual is often ‘inadequate to uncover the root cause’ of a person’s illness.

According to the ‘holistic medicine philosophy’, one can only achieve ‘optimal health’ by gaining ‘proper balance in life’, being the primary goal of holistic medicine practice. This philosophy recognizes the fact that an individual does not exist in isolation, therefore, there is a need to take into account ‘all six elements of the whole-person’, which have been defined as:

 (1) physical; (2) mental; (3) spiritual; (4) family; (5) community; and (6) environment.

Physical is defined in the realm of matter, mental as that of thoughts and emotions and spiritual as that dimension of the individual that contains their core beliefs and values.  It is also important to recognize that an individual co-exists with family, community and the environment, all of which are important aspects of ‘true health and healing‘.

Ref: ‘An Introduction to Complementary Medicine’ Edited by Terry Robson- 2003, Pages: 55-56



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