Along side ‘conventional cancer treatments‘, people, ‘who are choosing‘ to take more control over their health outcomes, are beginning to discover the vast array of more traditional therapies and techniques, referred to as complementary medicine‘, in their quest to enhance the bodies natural healing ability.

‘Naturopathic Medicine‘ is distinguished by a set of ‘core principles‘, one such principle is based on the healing power of nature, by the body being able to tap into an innate ability to heal itself.  In the words of Newman Turner (1984: 19), ‘Naturopathy is based on the recognition that the body possesses not only a natural ability to resist disease but inherent mechanisms of recovery and self-regulation’.

“Each one of us is so unique that no one treatment, medication or technique is going to work for us all”

Another core principle of ‘Naturopathic Medicine‘ is ‘the concept of treating the whole-person‘, which is derived from an understanding that, only treating the physical aspects of an individual is often inadequate to uncover the root cause of a person’s illness. Some say that cancer is a mere ‘symptom‘ of a deeper underlying imbalance and unless we uncover and fix the basis of this imbalance then we are only ‘treating the symptom and not the cause‘.

Book Ref: An Introduction to Complementary Medicine – Edited by Terry Robson Pg:48-56



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