“Your body is a powerful intuitive communicator”

It is now known that ‘Intuition‘ has a very real biochemical basis, and the science of “just knowing” is gaining academic respect and mainstream popularity.  Renowned researcher Gary Klein reveals that, in fact, 90 percent of the critical decisions we make are based on our intuition. In his book, ‘The Power of Intuition’, Klein shows that intuition, far from being an innate “sixth sense,” is a learnable and essential skill.

Developing our intuition and making sense of how to tap into this innate ability is an interesting concept!! Listening to and trusting your ‘inner voice‘ is another story!!  Many of us have been trained to ignore our emotions and to base our decisions on hard facts,  but our ego and impatience can get in the way and make us ignore gut signals.

‘Listening to your body’s subtle signals is a critical part of exercising your intuitive sense’

Interestingly enough, you can develop and tune in more to your intuitive capacity with simple daily practice.  “Listening to your body’s signals can help prevent bigger health problems,” says Judith Orloff, PhD, a Los Angeles–based intuitive psychiatrist and author of ‘Second Sight’, who suggests that once you’ve noticed an intuitive hit, you can engage your rational mind to weigh your choices and decide how best to act on them.

Judith Orloff explains If your doctor dismisses a nagging symptom as “nothing serious” but you’re still convinced there’s something wrong — go with your ‘hunch‘ by listening to your ‘inner voice‘ and go seek out a second opinion.

Science has proven that ‘Intuition‘ is a form of unconscious reasoning that we all have, which has evolved to help us make good decisions, balance rational and unconscious thinking when making decisions and working out what to do.  It has been shown that by slowing the pace of life down and allowing some time for solitude, can help reconnect with that ‘inner voice, sixth sense, gut instinct, inner guidance system or whatever else is chosen to describe our ‘intuitive-self‘.

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