As we are all well aware, a cancer diagnosis can be an extremely isolating and frightening experience for anyone needing to journey along this path, putting your life and your trust squarely in someone else’s hands, along with the feeling of helplessness to change the course of the disease, only compounds emotions of anxiety, fear and stress.

“The fear of the unknown and the loss of control are the biggest fears I had as a cancer patient,” Sashie says reflectively. “The app addresses both of these things.”

A global application (app) has now been developed and is regularly updated by medical professionals in Australia working in the cancer field, which provides a great deal of information, support, guidance and education!!  This app provides many opportunities as people move along their cancer healing journey and is a great way to connect with others, provides information which can help people stay informed, enables people to feel more in control and ultimately remain focused on adjusting to the many necessary life changes this type of diagnosis brings!!

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