‘If you are short of methyl groups your body cannot respond to whatever nutrients, vitamins, minerals or herbs you put in your body. So chronic disease is not far away!’

It appears that ‘conventional medicine is totally overlooking an essential component in our quest to allow the body to heal naturally from cancer’ and to also prevent the development of cancer. There is an important process in the body which is needed for many chemical processes to take place, which are essential to keep us functioning and to maintain a status quo to keep disease at bay. This process is called ‘Methylation‘ and our body can’t function without this chemical reaction working efficiently, as it donates electrons by way of methyl-doners to ensure our detox pathways remain open and functioning well.

DNA methylation in cancer has become the topic of intense investigation just recently and for very good reason. As compared with normal cells, the malignant cells show major disruptions in their DNA Methylation patterns. Changes in the pattern of DNA Methylation have been a consistent finding in cancer cells, making it clear that DNA Methylation plays an important role in the generation of mutations in human tumors.

Methyl is an important chemical group consisting of one carbon and three hydrogen atoms (CH3).  ‘Methylation’ is not just one specific reaction, there are hundreds of ‘methylation’ reactions in the body.  So let us firstly gain a better understanding of the vastly important role of Methylation and why it is so critical in maintaining homeostasis:

  • Methylation is responsible for making, maintaining and repairing DNA
  • Activating cells and enzymes
  • Processing hormones including estrogens
  • Making neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine
  • Regulating inflammation
  • Production and function of proteins – our body is made up of proteins
  • Making Glutathione – our detoxification enzyme
  • Immune system regulation
  • Producing  melatonin, CoQ10, carnitine, creatine and choline
  • Heavy metal detoxification and histamine clearance

It has been shown that stress chews through the methyl groups causing ‘over-methylation‘ or ‘methylation dysfunction‘, which can manifest into mental and physical issues, including anxiety, depression, insomnia, chemical and food sensitivities, upper body pain and adverse reactions of anti-depressive drugs, to name a few.

Methylation nutrients are found in Folate, Vitamin B6 & B12 and natural methyl conversion foods, which can vary, depending on whether a person is an ‘over’ or ‘under’ methylator.

A qualified Naturopath or Integrative practitioner will be able to guide you along this track as there are a number of tests which can be performed to assess Methylation.  

One such test is the ‘Methylation Profile‘, which is a testing panel that may also be helpful in predicting response to a chemotherapeutic agent!!







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