As we are aware, ‘Nature offers us her most powerful disease-fighting tools‘, we just need to recognize them, understand their uses and access them in our quest to maintain good health or reverse chronic disease, including cancer.  Maintaining nutritional balance is key and essential to life as nature intended, which has proven time and time again to provide us with everything we need to keep our body healthy and in perfect balance.  Should the body become deficient in certain nutrients and unbalanced, disease can manifest and the longer we remain in an unbalanced state, disease can more easily take hold and gain control.

Let’s look at one of nature’s star performers, namely ‘Salvestrols’ and then we can begin to see how this plant based natural process works as a protective mechanism against disease.

How Salvestrols Work in Plants
The best way to picture Salvestrols is to understand their role in the plants that produce them. When attacked by pathogens, primarily fungi, plants defend themselves with Salvestrols. Where pathogens contain a CYP enzyme, Salvestrols are metabolised by the enzymes and die.

The main feature of Salvestrols is that they target a specific enzyme called CYP1B1(pronounced “sip one, bee one”) found only in diseased cells of the human body.  When the Salvestrols are metabolized by CYP1B1 it starts a series of processes that result in the death of the diseased cell (known as ‘apoptosis’ or programmed cell death). Healthy cells, containing no CYP1B1, remain and the diseased cells die.

Most importantly, Salvestrols cannot be made by the body therefore dietary intake is essential to ensure our cellular make-up is well protected from disease.

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