‘Enzymes are specialized proteins your body uses to carry out a wide variety of chemical reactions’

It has been shown now in numerous studies that ‘cancerous tumors are coated with and protected by a thin protein ‘egg shell’ type covering’, leaving the immune system ‘hood winked‘ and unable to detect cancerous growths.  ‘Cancer researchers’ are fully aware that when this protein covering is removed it exposes the cancer cells, so that the body’s own immune system can finally recognize and destroy these cells, by digesting anything that doesn’t belong there!!  

Enzymes are proteins that are required for every single chemical action that takes place in the body. All of our cells, organs, bones, muscles and tissues are run by enzymes. Enzymes allow one substance to be turned into a different substance and provides support to the pancreas, liver and most importantly, the immune system. They are vital for life and serve a wide range of important functions in the body, such as aiding in digestion and metabolism. ‘All cells require enzymes to survive and function’.

Just to highlight the important role enzymes play in the body, I would like to bring your attention one particular ‘genetic disease‘ where enzymes are deficient, either from birth or where ‘late onset’ of the disease manifests.  This disease shows up with many varied symptoms over time, because ‘enzyme deficiency‘ affects all biological functions, ultimately progressing in the body shutting down, culminating in ‘multi-systems failure‘.  This devastating disease is named ‘Pompe Disease‘, which unfortunately, more often than not, goes ‘undiagnosed’, especially in people with ‘late on set’ symptoms, yet can easily be remedied with something as simple as ‘enzyme therapy‘.

Understanding enzymes and their respective roles is important, as each enzyme orchestrates a specific chemical reaction to enable different functions in the body, to ensure health and vitality prevails. Some important enzymes needed for digestion, metabolism and a number of other functions, include:

Protease, Amylase, Lipase and Cellulase:

Protease is an enzyme which simply digests protein. Protein maldigestion leads to a toxic colon which can lead to more serious problems such as mucous colitis and even colon cancer. Protease has an ability to digest unwanted debris in the blood and should be considered your friendly blood cleanser.  Protease deficient people are immune compromised, making them susceptible to bacterial, viral and yeast infections and a general decrease in immunity.

Amylase digests starches, carbohydrates and also dead white blood cells.

Lipase digests fat and fat-soluble vitamins, deficient people have decreased cell permeability, meaning nutrients cannot get in and the waste cannot get out of the cell.

Cellulase, our body makes ‘NO’ cellulase and therefore is obtained only through dietary intake.  Cellulase deficiency is a ‘malabsorption syndrome’ (impaired absorption of nutrients, vitamins, or minerals from the diet by the lining of the small intestine).

As quoted by Dr. Mark Sircus: ‘Enzymes become critically important for many people as they age and therefore extremely important for treating cancer, so should not be overlooked in any treatment regime‘,

Naturopaths are trained in and most certainly understand the vast importance of digestive enzymes and the specific roles they play in disease manifestation.  Therefore consultation with a holistic health practitioner is highly recommended so that you develop an individual plan and are guided to the best supplements available, in your quest for good health and endless vitality.



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