One of the greatest immunomodulating weapons for the immune system is found in compounds called Beta Glucans!!’

There are many reasons why our immune system is compromised and not working at optimal levels, such as stress, toxins, viruses, bacteria as well as many other pathogenic processes.   Beta Glucans are now finally being more widely recognized as a powerful, all natural immune modulator, stimulating the immune response by boosting the numbers of neutrophils, natural killer cells and other immune system cells.

One of the most critical factors at preventing the development of chronic inflammatory disease and infection is a strong immune system. Beta Glucan exhibits remarkable effects at both priming immune cells and coordinating a successful immune response.  

Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka PhD, researcher and author of ‘Beta Glucans – Nature’s Secret’ and expert in this field, highlights the fact that Beta Glucans showed up in the 1960’s.  It wasn’t until the mid-1980’s that Beta Glucan was approved for use in Japan, Australia, South Korea, and Taiwan as an ‘immunoadjuvant therapy’.  We are now some 30 years on, but thankfully as more and more studies and research papers come to light, this ‘natural wonder’ won’t be swept under the carpet for too much longer, but instead will hopefully become an ‘integral adjunctive partner‘ in all cancer healing protocols.

Beta Glucan (Beta 1-3, 1-6D) is an immune enhancer which is said to also help minimize the side effects of chemotherapy regimes.  Beta Glucans have been shown to help with various health conditions where the immune system is compromised, cancer included.  It has been shown that by Beta Glucans enhancing the immune system it is then more able to identify and see cancer cells as ‘non-self’ so it can better target an attack on ‘unusual’ or ‘foreign cells’.

Around 50 clinical trials are currently running with results so far, demonstrating great immune boosting benefits of B-Glucans when used as an ‘adjunctive’ protocol in the treatment of cancer. Interestingly enough, it has been widely known for some time in the scientific community that B-Glucan is the most powerful immune stimulant and most powerful antagonist to both benign and malignant tumors.

‘Beta Glucans do not naturally occur in the body and need to be consumed from available sources or from supplements.’  

On a personal note: Always discuss any complementary protocol with your Specialist or Integrative Practitioner to ensure there are no contraindication with any already prescribed ‘chemical based’ drug regime. If your health care specialist hasn’t as yet heard of Beta Glucans, take along some research papers, of which there are many, as this natural substance has been one of the most studied natural product with over 10,000 papers already published.

How Beta Glucan Supercharges Your Immune System

How Beta Glucans Boost Immunity & Fight Cancer


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