I would like to propose the need for further research looking at ‘hand-dominance and how this could relate to breast cancer development!!’

I have done a little research online to find research papers on ‘Why does breast cancer predominantly implicate the left-side much more frequently than the right??’ 
There appears to be very little research on the subject of ‘right handed dominance vs left handed dominance and breast cancer’, therefore I cannot find any conclusive or definitive answers to this question!!

Due to the fact that there is an obvious lack of research in these areas, I would like to propose, as yet, an unproven ‘THEORY’ around a possible link between handedness and breast cancer. 

 ‘Right-hand dominance being a precipitating factor for the ‘higher incidence’ of ‘left-sided’ breast cancers’
 As we know, the majority of people, around 90%, are ‘right hand dominant‘, meaning that the ‘right hand‘ is used by the majority of people, the majority of the time to perform the majority of tasks. This means that the right arm is being exercised much more frequently than the left arm, leaving the lymphatic drainage system on the left side, less likely to be able to clear disease causing toxins, especially in the under arm, being in close proximity to the chest.
 The often overlooked lymphatic system, otherwise known as the ‘waste disposal system‘ of the body, is our ‘first line of defence‘ against cancer and ‘defends the body from foreign invasion by toxins including bacteria and viruses‘.  Due to the fact that the lymphatic system ‘Does Not’ have an in-built organ or pump to push the lymph fluid around the body, the lymphatic system relies purely on gravity, breathing and muscular movement, to firstly warm and soften the ‘buttery consistency’ of the lymph, to move the fluid through the thin tubes called lymph vessels.
 Being ‘right-hand dominant‘ means the body has a better ability to clear toxins on the right side but not necessarily on the left side.  This makes me wonder how much more exercise one would need to do with the left arm to ensure the lymphatic system on both sides of the body are able to do it’s job properly, ie. eliminate waste and toxins from this part of the body.  We obviously use both our legs equally in walking but not both our arms equally, due to hand dominance.
 Most ‘right-hand dominant’ people will atest to doing most physical tasks with their right arm and leave the left to do the easy work in most everyday task they perform.  Some people find the need to seek out a ‘Lymphatic Drainage Specialist‘ who perform manual lymphodema massage techniques, which helps to disperse the build up of fluid in various parts of the body and is often prescribed for women who have had a mastectomy and lymph node removal.
 Manual lymphatic massage therapy can certainly help to overcome lymphatic flow issues in many areas of the body before it builds up to toxic levels, which generally shows up as swelling, inflammation, numbness, aches and pains to name just a few of the many potential early signs of ‘lymphatic congestion’.  Therefore, it is really important to recognise and manage these conditions in the early stages by seeking out a health care professional who specialises in this area.
 I feel strongly that there is substance to this theory, until proven otherwise, therefore has the potential to alert women in particular, to aim to ‘balance out‘ the workload to include both arms and do more bilateral upper limb strengthening exercises on a daily basis.  I continue to propose, that by sharing the daily workload over both arms, this could potentially reduce the risks associated with toxins pooling in one spot and thereby averting the under-arm lymph system from becoming overly congested, especially on the less dominant side.
 In my view, better understanding in this area could potentially reduce the incidence of breast cancer, which is why it is felt that research is desperately needed, due to the fact that it has been recognised that breast cancer, more often than not, begins on the ‘left side of the body’!!
 As ‘Lymphatic Congestion‘ equates to ‘toxic build up‘, I can only theorize that if left unchecked, there could be potential for these toxins to manifest into perhaps something far more sinister, if not addressed and managed in a timely manner!!??
 It appears that the lymphatic system can alert us to the fact that something is amiss way before anything too untoward develops!!  It is just unfortunate that the medical profession rarely understand this vastly important system, therefore the onus is squarely on ourselves to recognise the need for professional input and proactively seek out a Lymphatic Drainage Specialist, in our quest for ongoing good health.
Posted: 12/11/16 – Author: D. Blanch

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