Screening Alternatives for ‘Dense Fibrous Breast Tissue’

Mammography has been around now since the 1960’s whereas Thermography has been used in medicine for around 40 years, but it is only in the last 20 or so years, due to improved technology and more sophisticated cameras, that Thermography has shown it’s true value as an alternative screening method.  Thermography provides a ‘radiation-free’, ‘squish-free’, pain-free, and yet, a very effective screening option for monitoring breast health.

Thermography is a physiological test, which demonstrates thermal patterns in skin temperature by using a digital infrared thermal imaging camera.   Thermography has also been shown to provide a very safe monitoring tool for more regular screens, as well as being a very cheap, easily portable and a very simple procedure to perform.

Every woman has a unique thermal pattern that should not change over time, like a fingerprint, once baseline testing has been performed. Changes may be identified on follow up studies that could represent physiological differences within the breast that warrant further investigation, not too dissimilar to Mammography in this regard.

As quoted by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers from ‘The Truth About Cancer’, Quest for the Cures’:

“Did you know that ‘Thermography’ is especially effective for women who have ‘dense, fibrous breast tissue‘?  Thermography detects heightened areas of heat in the body to pinpoint where inflammation may be occurring, sometimes years before it develops into full-blown cancer.  According to a 2008 study, ‘Breast Thermography’ has a 97 percent sensitivity rating in discovering breast malignancies, sometimes even before a lump has formed.”

‘As we are aware, there are much better outcomes with early detection with any type of all cancers, and breast cancer is no exception, but having ‘dense fibrous breast tissue’, alternate detection methods are needed to detect early warning signs of problems with breast health.’

The most important message here is to ‘Know your Density’, as relying on just one screening method may not be as effective as you may think!!  Check on your last Mammogram, ask your Radiologist, find out your density, it is really important information to know, for all women who rely solely on Mammogram screening.

The fact is that ‘dense breast tissue’ shows up ‘white’ on x-ray films and so do ‘cancerous lumps’, therefore, as you can imagine, breast cancers are extremely difficult to spot in this all ‘white’ image and therefore could easily be ‘missed‘ by using just one type of screening tool.

This is just one of the reasons why ‘Thermography’ is being reinstated in many countries in Europe as an alternative cancer screening tool, allowing early detection of ‘lymphatic congestion’, the formation of ‘new blood vessels’ as in tumor development and growth and ‘fibrocystic changes’, by identifying increased thermal activity, with this simple adjunctive diagnostic procedure.


Diagnostic Medical Thermography

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