New research is showing some astounding benefits of embarking on a ‘tailored exercise program‘ as an integral part of a more ‘holistic’ approach to cancer treatment.  This newly emerging trend is proving to greatly enhance a patient’s endurance, thereby enabling patients to better cope with the debilitating effects of ‘conventional cancer treatments‘.  Patients have reported to be suffering far less side effects whilst combining an ‘individually prescribed‘ exercise regime and ‘mainstream‘ chemotherapy type treatments.

An ‘exercise physiologist‘ is enlisted to develop this individual ‘tailored exercise program‘ and patients commence this exercise program soon after being diagnosed and continue throughout their treatment, post treatment and beyond.

This exciting development is showing that adrenaline released during physical exercise promotes natural killer cells (NKC) thereby up-regulating the Immune System, the muscles release Interlukin 6, which tells the NKC’s what to target and more blood flow means more natural chemicals being delivered into the tumor.

Exercise as a Cancer Treatment‘, it sounds too good to be true, could it really be this simple??  This new approach appears to be the best advance in adjuvant and/or natural therapy to be unveiled in a very long time, which is why this question begs to be asked: “Could this be the New Frontier in Cancer Treatment??” I am sure we are all looking forward to further research coming to light in this area, which I hope to keep you posted on!!

Posted: 17/10/16 – Author: D. Blanch


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