Mushrooms have long been known for their medicinal properties over the centuries, in many different cultures and far removed civilizations.  As I have learned, there are two types of fungi, health promoting mushrooms like ‘Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) and Shiitake (Lentinul edodes) belong to the ‘Fungi perfecti phyla’, whereas molds and yeasts belong to ‘Fungi imperfecti phyla’, making them very different organisms with very different properties and functions.

For today’s blog I thought we would focus on ‘Fungi perfecti phyla’, fungi which have been proven to have a vast array of extraordinary powers, so this leads me to wonder, could these amazing properties also include somehow overpowering and combating the scourge of mankind, namely cancer??

It is widely known that this unique group of ‘beneficial mushrooms’ help support healthy functioning of the immune system by providing an array of health promoting cellular nutrients. Interestingly enough, research has shown a stronger ‘Natural Killer cell response‘ by blending multiple mushroom species, which have been shown to have greater efficacy over any singular mushroom.  I find this fact fascinating, as this also rings true for ‘Cancer fighting chemotherapy regimes‘, which it has also been discovered that due to cancer being so readily able to adapt to it’s ever changing environment, a multi-pronged assault is similarly needed to ‘out-smart‘ cancer cells ‘highly effective‘ survival mechanism.

It is Dr. Paul Stamets who once said that fungi ‘could save the world‘, and it is also he who has dedicated his life’s work to researching ‘everything fungi’. Dr. Stamets is renowned as being the expert in his field of work, uncovering and discovering this most intricate ‘mycelium network’ literally beneath our feet and everything we now know about fungal blooms (mushrooms).  Therefore I feel we owe a great deal of appreciation to Dr. Paul Stamets for his tireless devotion and passion in sheading much needed light on this otherwise unknown ‘world of fungi‘!!

Posted 8/10/16 – Author: D.Blanch

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