My aims with this ‘Cancer Healing‘ blog site is to use my many hours of research to highlight, for anyone diagnosed with ‘Cancer’ or any other chronic disease, that you too can take control of your own destiny, feel empowered that ‘your life’ is in ‘your hands’ and ‘leave no stone upturned‘ in your quest for good health.

My philosophical belief has always been that ‘the answers are out there’, to combat all diseases, it is just finding out where to look, surrounding ourselves with people we feel we can trust and uncovering ‘all’ the options that are available to us!!  There are many paths ‘you’ can decide to go down and decisions only ‘you’ can make.  For me, it is about trusting my own natural instincts and listening to my gut, (which is often referred to as our ‘second brain’), not feeling ‘rushed’ or ‘herded’ down a track which I may not want to go and by doing my own research I will ensure that I feel totally in control and comfortable with ‘my’ decisions and ‘my’ choices.

Blog Post 3/10/2016  – Author: D.Blanch


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