The cure for Cancer will only come by better understanding it, so lets look at some Cancer traits which help it to establish its roots, to branch out and to grow uncontrollably.  Research shows Cancer does this by:

  • Evading the immune system
  • Genetic reprogramming of cellular metabolism – switching to glycolosis to make energy
  • Adapting to it’s ever changing environment
  • Becoming ‘Drug Resistant’, whereby some therapies no longer work
  • Adaptive ability to thrive on ‘Cancer Modulating Drugs’ to the point of ‘addiction’
  • Inactivation of tumor suppressor genes
  • Disables Signalling Pathways and Networks
  • Immortality and rapid cell division
  • Creating it’s own micro-environment and blood supply

We will tackle each of these traits in following blogs, essentially to better understand each trait so as to expose it’s deceptive ways, hopefully leading us to feel more in control and ready to ‘fight the fight‘ on our journey of discovery and cancer healing.






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