It has been known for some time now that cancerous tumors can become resistant to Cheomotherapy treatments, but new research is showing that cancer cells can not only become resistant but can become ‘addicted’ to these cancer modulating drugs, which causes the cancer cells to ‘thrive’ rather than ‘die’.  This is a huge cause of concern for everyone, as this scenario is the direct opposite of the intended outcome and a scary thought for people putting their faith in these chemotherapy regimes.

New thoughts in this area are leading researchers to believe that by introducing ‘drug holidays’ or ‘drug on, drug off’ regimes, as well as ‘combination drug therapy’ protocols, that these variable treatment methods more successfully ‘thwart’ the adaptive nature of cancer cells to proliferate and survive. This new understanding is leading towards more precision and personalized medicine in the quest to interrupt cancer survival and growth.


Blog Post 3/10/2016  – Author: D.Blanch

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